When and How to Complain to Your Boss

When should you complain? “You should feel comfortable raising concerns to your boss if you are not growing and developing or something is getting in the way of your success--the reality is is that this could also impact the company's success. A happy team is a productive team and your boss likely wants everything running smoothly,” says career coach Lori Scherwin. 

What should you complain about? “Don't complain just because you feel tired or overworked. Whining isn't an option. But if you can isolate the driver or root problem and suggest alternatives, you can still dig your way out with their help,” advises Scherwin. “For example, don't simply say ‘I've got too much to do and that sucks.' Say ‘we are working on four important projects at the same time. I want them all to go well--can you help me prioritize and or allocate additional resources?’"

There is a way to complain. “Be solutions oriented. Help them help you. Never come with problems only. The agenda should be problem and a suggested solution. You are much more likely to get help if you provide first thoughts on an optimal outcome,” says Scherwin.

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