17 Happy, Healthy Choices You Should Make In 2017

From February, 2017 edition of Redbook:

Stick up for yourself:  You don't have to be a fifth-grader to know a bully, and one study found that dishing hostility back to a grown-up one, like a mean boss, can make you feel better. But is that what you'd tell your 10-year-old to do? Lori Scherwin, founder of the consulting firm Strategize That, says the better solution (and one that'll keep you employed) is to advocate for yourself, not lob accusations. "Instead of saying, 'I hate that you don't give me credit for my work,' try instead, 'I love the work I'm doing. I'd like to get more credit for it. How can we make that happen?'" advises Scherwin.

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