12 Career Experts Share Their Best Tips For Scoring Your Dream Job

Be clear about what you want

The most fundamental step needed to edge towards your dream career is “to be clear on what you want.” That’s the key recommendation given by Lori Scherwin, the founder of NYC-based Strategize That, a firm that works with successful professionals to find happiness in and outside their careers.

“Be patient, confident and open to the unexpected. Your dream job will fall in the intersection of what you are good at, what you enjoy doing and what someone will pay you for,” she says.

There are a few ways to uncover what exactly it is you want from your “dream job.” Scherwin suggests to ask yourself questions which allow you to gauge what’s really important to you professionally. Some key questions to yourself include: “What are my strengths and what comes effortlessly? What do I love and hate to do? When I retire, what do I want my sendoff speech to say? What do I want to be remembered for?”

She also presses job seekers to get clear on the trade-offs of what they’re looking for. “Work out what really matters to you – tangible and intangible. It’s not just about a title and responsibilities and the big picture.”


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