Our philosophy

Our mission is to help today’s professionals get more out of their careers – personally and professionally 

We believe that the same elements that go into building a rock solid strategic business plan can apply to building your own personal brand. Strategize That® will help you:

  • Define your vision of personal fulfillment for even greater professional success
  • Explore your values and build upon your unique strengths
  • Translate your inner purpose into a structured roadmap to accomplish your goals
  • Evaluate key moves and moves you haven't yet considered
  • Anticipate the unexpected so you are ready and confident in times of change
  • Navigate transitions effectively, whether it's an internal role shift, external move or business expansion opportunity



Coaching is a solution-oriented partnership where we inspire and champion to help you stretch & achieve more than you imagined. Highly personalized, highly engaging and highly insightful – you’ll gain perspective and evaluate opportunities with new lenses to fully embrace your career. Strategize That works with highly talented professionals who are looking for personal growth, open to change and committed to turning goals into reality.  We value integrity, individuality, determination, and personal fulfillment and fully abide by the International Coach Federation (ICF) code of ethics.