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We focus on helping you identify & prepare for key career inflection points, including skill development,  getting promoted, changing jobs, expanding your horizons and embarking on entirely new paths.


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Are you....... 

  • Seeking career clarity but not sure where to start in exploring & evaluating potential paths?

  • Accomplished and successful but wanting something more?

  • Looking for new ways to raise your profile?

  • Broadening your business and seeking help developing a strategic plan to fit your needs?

  • Unfulfilled in your current role but afraid of change and leaving your current “comfort” zone?

  • Wondering if you simply need a break or an entirely new direction?

  • Struggling with how to position your move and looking for help crafting your story?

  • Desiring guidance to transition effectively from producer to manager, manager to leader, leader to owner?

  • Starting a new role and looking to get a jump start to maximize your success?


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Strategize That is for you if.....

  • You are willing to put in the effort to make your dream goals a reality

  • You are interested in exploring and challenging longstanding beliefs that may be holding you back

  • You are open to hearing - and answering - the tough questions

  • You are confident in your continued success

  • You want to identify common pitfalls and turn them into opportunities

  • You want the truth, no sugar coating or fluff

  • You are seeking motivation & a champion to hold you accountable for taking action to achieve your vision


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