Your Boss Has Been Fired! Now What?

Oh no! Your boss has been fired. Should you dust off your resume ASAP? First, take a deep breath. Second, examine the situation.  “It can feel nerve-wracking when your direct manager is let go. But, take a step back before panicking.  It could be indicative of a broader reorg but it could also be a function of their performance or fit - which could even benefit you near and or longer-term.  If it's performance related, that may or may not have implications for you,” explains professional coach Lori Scherwin, founder of Strategize That.


Not only should you examine your former boss's situation, take a look at your own place in the company and how you can make the best of the situation. Says Scherwin, “There are always reasons to stay or go when this happens–make them yourself, personally, and not based on someone else’s situation.  Before doing anything impetuous, ask yourself the following questions to gauge your alignment with a new boss and his or her objectives: ‘How can I benefit and grow in this time--are there growth opportunities presented by change?’, “Where are my sponsors and key supporters?” and ‘Where does my role fit in going forward?’”

Look on the positive side. “A change in your boss can be a great thing for your growth, development and exposure to different executive styles,” notes Scherwin.

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